I just found out I've been heavily underusing Postman - the Postman team has baked in a Node.js environment that allows for scripting before and after requests 🤯. This provides a TON of capability within an API tool, and I want to highlight what I've been embarrasingly doing for a year + :

1. Send a requests to grab a token or form of auth (example client creds flowTwitch API)

2. Highlight and copy the response token

Postman access token GET request

2. Navigate to the next request, paste the token in the appropriate location

Postman paste request token

3. Submit second request and get a response

But with scripts there is a simple way to automate the process of getting a token.

The scripts way

In the "Tests" tab of the GET token call, we can place the following:

var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody);
pm.globals.set("oauthToken", jsonData.access_token);

Snippets placed in the "Tests" tab will get run after the requests is executed, so here we are setting the global variable oauthToken to the key access_token in the response JSON we got from the client creds flow. This value is now available for use like any other environment variable in Postman with the double curly bracket syntax {{oauthToken}}, removing the need for the copy-paste across requests:

Postman variable oauth token with scripts

This small trick alone has sped up how I use Postman and there's a whole lot more you can do in these scripts... Why not use fetch in the "Pre-request Scripts" tab to completley remove the need for the first request to get the token?